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I have been a professional tailor since the mid 1970’s, owning a tailor shop in Lincoln Nebraska for 12 years.  In 2011, I was priest ordained in the Soto Zen Buddhist tradition in Katagiri’s linage.  I have had the privilege of studying with many different zen sewers, and I am trying to keep the traditional garments alive, the Nyoho-e way of sewing.  I now view my sewing practice as my way of sharing the Dharma, and as a form of working meditation.  All items are custom made to your measurements, traditions, and fabric choices.

I am currently practicing with the Just Sit, Sotot Zen in Grand Rapids, in Grand Rapids Michigan.  I enjoy spending as much time as I can at Ryumonji Monastery in Northeastern Iowa and Shasta Abbey in Northern California.

Deep Gassho
Shuji Valdene Mintzmyer

Zen Buddhist Priest Robes